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At Dale al Coco, responsibility is essential.

We ensure the safety of you and your team by complying with the mandatory measures approved by the government and the Ministry of Health in the facilities of both venues.

We take extreme precautions: when you book, you will receive a special COVID-19 circular with our detailed measures and you must fill in your details before going to your appointment.

If you need to know more, please consult the COVID-19 section in the “BOOKING” tab, and if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

We count on you in this new normality.

What is an escape room?

Curiosity? It’s about entering a themed room and being able to escape by overcoming the mission. Puzzles, clues, enigmas, strange objects… you will advance by solving the riddles until you reach the goal.

What is a hall escape?

A Hall Escape is an escape game designed for more players than usual. Large groups, usually from 8 to 20 people, who must communicate and cooperate efficiently to overcome the challenge. An experience that at Dale al Coco is great fun and tremendously inverse.

Solving riddles, interpreting clues and advancing in the story but being a large group of people. Families, children, friends, stag and hen parties, private events, team building for companies, product presentations… we make sure that the experience is unbeatable!

Here you have in our coco-blog an article with more information about this modality: Hall Escape.

Can I modify or cancel my booking?

Under no circumstances can the booking be modified, cancelled or refunded. It is not possible to change the booking from one experience to another.

Can I give one of the experiences as a gift?

Of course it is! What’s more, it’s a very original gift and a sure hit. Our gift voucher is very special and has a perfect presentation. Find out more about it here:  Gift voucher.

Do you have portable experiences?

Of course! Our “Winers” game can be installed in any space, contact us for a no-obligation proposal at info@dalealcocoroomescape.com or by calling 650941784.

Will they mix us with people we don't know?

No, all reservations are private, only for your group, whatever the experience.

Can childrens participate?

Yes, depending on the experience, each game has a minimum age. They must always be accompanied by an adult who must sign a consent form.

Is there a feeling of claustrophobia?

No, the spaces are large enough not to be claustrophobic. Except in our room “La Nevera”, which, although it is spacious, can be claustrophobic.

Besides, you will never really be locked in, you can always open the door you came in through.

When should I arrive?

Your experience will start at the time of booking, it is recommended to be there 5 minutes in advance.

After 15 minutes notice, your booking will be cancelled.

What clothes should I wear?

It is recommended to come with comfortable clothes and shoes. If you need glasses, do not forget them at home.

Accessibility concerns, pregnant women and others.

Some of our experiences such as “¿Vacaciones?” or “La Nevera” are not suitable for pregnant women.

If you suffer from epilepsy, asthma or any kind of illness, please inform us beforehand, as there may be effects to enhance the immersion inside the room that may affect them. Please let us know in advance so that these can be cancelled during your experience.

If you have any other accessibility concerns, due to reduced mobility, pregnancy or any other type of illness, please contact us beforehand by email or telephone.

Alcohol and drugs.

The company reserves the right to refuse admission to all persons with signs of drunkenness or consumption of narcotics or illegal substances.

Any other questions or doubts.

For any other questions or doubts, you can contact us at info@dalealcocoroomecape.com or by phone on 650941784.